Back dating job seekers allowance

09-Dec-2017 04:26

However, the capital value will be assessed if the property is not rented.Income from other sources: The value of income from other sources includes rental income from the letting of property, income from an occupational pension, foreign social welfare payments, income from a trust fund, income under a deed of covenant, other cash income, etc., is calculated on a weekly basis.If you have been employed, and have become unemployed, as part of the interview / assessment process the Department of Social Protection may ask for information in relation to the circumstances under which you became unemployed.

This evidence should show that you have moved to Ireland, you intend to settle in Ireland permanently and you do not intend to go back to live in the country you came from.

It is extremely important that you have your application organised before approaching the Department of Social Protection to make a claim for a Jobseekers payment.