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Bonnie Lynn Raitt (born November 8, 1949) is an American blues singer-songwriter, musician, and activist.

During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of roots-influenced albums that incorporated elements of blues, rock, folk and country.

Frankly the deal was a really big deal." Warner Brothers held higher expectations for Raitt's next album, The Glow, in 1979, but it was released to poor reviews as well as modest sales.

Raitt would have one commercial success in 1979 when she helped organize the five Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

By now, Raitt was already experimenting with different producers and different styles, and she began to adopt a more mainstream sound that continued through 1975's Home Plate.

In 1976, Raitt made an appearance on Warren Zevon's eponymous album with his friend Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

While admired by those who saw her perform, and respected by her peers, Raitt gained little public acclaim for her work.In 1985, she sang and appeared in the video of "Sun City", the anti-apartheid record written and produced by guitarist Steven Van Zandt.Along with her participation in Farm Aid and Amnesty International concerts, Raitt traveled to Moscow in 1987 to participate in the first joint Soviet/American Peace Concert, later shown on the Showtime television network. Now the 62-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is releasing her first album in seven years, , with covers of two Bob Dylan songs and a sultry, bluesy vibe. Stunning Celebrity Redheads is on your own label, Redwing Records. You made it a point to cut out drinking a while ago. Seeing Whitney Houston pass away, and Amy Winehouse—everyone smiled at her “Rehab” song, but for me it was heartbreaking to hear her sing that because it just looked like she was on a slippery slope. I’m just watching the pace, keeping a nice balance.

In 40 years, Bonnie Raitt has never gone out of fashion. You know, [it’s like] the Sippie Wallace song that goes, “Don’t advertise your man.”Your red hair and its streak are one of your signatures. By 1981 it was expanding and my red was fading, so I started dyeing my hair [around the streak]. I’ve been told it means you’ve been kissed by an angel. I used to say I didn’t want to talk weasel [deal with the business end]. It’s not like someone else picks the songs or the looks. But when I went through a lot of loss [Raitt’s parents died in 20, and she lost a brother to a long battle with cancer], I took a hiatus. But I have to remember to get off the laptop and onto the yoga mat.

The day after mastering was completed on Tongue & Groove, the record label dropped Raitt also.