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"We must stand up to anti-Semitism wherever we see it, with clarity and discipline," Rev.Jackson told the Jewish conferees in Brussels, though even there he left certain names unstated.C.— A Request to Reconnect with Scripture's Environmental Sensitivity by Stephen Jurovics World Council of Churches Statement Page 7 CAJWM Annual Drawing Page 8 Wildacres Summer Institutes 1992 Page 10 Roaming the Past with David Schulman Page 11 Constitutional Reform in Israel Page 12 Temple Beth El Dedicates New Synagogue, Shalom Park, Charlotte, N. by Lynne Cojac Page 14 Kibbitzing— Community News Page 22 CAJE News by Lenora Stein Page 23 Books, Arts and Media Page 30 Donations to the Blumenthal Jewish Home BJH Board of Trustees Nominations Page 31 Remembrance Chairmen of the Carolinas Association of Jewish Women and Men COVER: Architect's rendering of Temple Beth El at Shalom Park, Charlotte, N. BACK COVER: Invitation to 27th Annual Meeting of The Blumenthal Jewish Home, Sunday, October 25, 1992. Mindful of the horrorand even guilt with which the knowledge of those World War II events were greeted by much of the world's peoples, we call upon ALL people— Jew, Christian, Moslem and others alike — to use every means to protest this ghastly turn of events. They should be kept as short as possible and are subject to condensation.As individuals, and as a group, we Jews cannot be silent in the face of this evil, lest it triumph over civilization again. Because of the volume of mail, not all letters can be published.Certainly it is more comforting to recall the sight of a Martin Luther King flanked by Rabbis Abraham Joshua Heschel and Maurice Eisendrath leading tens of thousands of civil rights marchers than to think about the killing of 29-year-old Yankel Rosenbaum last year by an angry crowd in Brooklyn amid cries of "Hitler was right." The Rev.Jesse Jackson was active in those glory days that we so nostalgically recall. King he was a key player in the coalition of decency in which blacks and Jews were such indispensable partners.

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Jesse Jackson as an invited speaker at an international conference on anti-Semitism sponsored by the World Jewish Congress in Brussels this past July. As a participant in that conference, I applauded those clear expressions of concern with a new feeling of trust and hope for all of us.But time and events have led many of us to view him now as having contributed to those tensions that currently divide our communities, even as he has a unique potential to be a bridge over troubled waters.Yet honesty compels us to admit that the Jewish com- munity has failed to respond to or even acknowledge his Please see JESSE AND THE JEWS on page 29 2 Times Outlook October 1992 Contents Page 2 Editorials— Two Views Barometers of Hope by Abraham H. Schindler Page 4 Sukkot-Simchat Torah 5753 Features and Recipes Page 6 The Land Stewardship Council of N. To the Editor: Bearing the permanent painful memory of the monstrous crime committed on their fellow Jews of Europe hardly 50 years ago; and rec- ognizing the ongoing deprivations suffered by the survivors; the mem- bers of the Boone Jewish Community recognize that the evil concept of racial purification is alive in the Re- public of Bosnia, and that concen- tration camps have returned.Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 Temple Beth El, Charlotte, N. — See story on page 12 Editorials — Two Views Barometers of Hope by Abraham H.

Foxman I am one who watches the barometers of hope.

But the tirades of Farrak- han and his ilk were still— even as Jackson spoke to us— an open wound.