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One quest asks players to find and return a lost handkerchief, and one coming soon will send people on a mission to collect rare flowers. She's in love with Austen's blend of romance and wit, and she adores the time period itself.

During her research for , she uncovered a host of miniature histories, many that receive little attention in high school social-studies classes. This gives us an opportunity to present some un-whitewashed history, which is also really exciting.

"I like to say we throw 'plot bunnies' into people's stories." is packed with atypical quests.

There are no monsters to slay or worlds to save, but there are familiar mechanics for anyone who's played an online RPG.

It is definitely not a sex game, though sometimes players get wrapped up in this universe of exquisite gowns and forbidden desire, and they simply can't help themselves.

"Let's just say that we had to put in private chat," To be fair, it's difficult to produce an online role-playing game that doesn't foster sexual relationships and conversations. "The erotica is just the name of the game."Even though Austen's novels never delve into the sensual details of intimate encounters, her worlds are rife with sexual tension.

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It invites players to attend sophisticated dinner parties and fancy balls, share gossip, keep secrets, fall in love, get married and climb the ribbon-lined social ladder of Regency-era England."We're sort of saying, if you want to behave that way, that's fine, but we're not going to give you customer support; we're going to stick you in a penal colony, do what you want." is, first and foremost, a wildly ambitious MMORPG from a small, independent team led by Tyrer called Three Turn Productions.The game secured 0,000 on Kickstarter in December 2013 and it just entered open beta at the end of August.The game is not only romantic and socially aware, but it also has a marketplace in which players can buy household items and clothing, and Tyrer plans to implement a free-to-play option.

Free players would become servants -- though she notes that every player can climb one social rank per lifetime.

, and it immediately offers a different kind of quest than most other MMORPGs.

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