Game theory on dating

29-Nov-2017 18:54

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It’s the principle that underpins the ability to attribute true value to each touchpoint in the customer journey, from channels to the content you put on them. Oh, and it won its inventor, Lloyd Shapley, the Nobel Prize for economics. They’re breaking even, not losing, but not really winning much. Question is, how do you fairly allocate the winnings? It applies a value, called the Shapley Value after its inventor, to each player based on the value they bring to the game. It’s recognized as the fairest, most equitable and logical way to ascribe value.

And we can use this to ascribe value to what we do as marketers.

Suddenly one blonde and four brunettes enter in a group. Assume anyone who starts out talking to a brunette will succeed.

Governing Dynamics: Ignore the Blonde – A Beautiful Mind The Problem You and three male friends are at a bar trying to pick up women. At that point it will also be too late to talk to a brunette, as no one likes being second choice.

There is going to be competition and someone in the group will surely sabotage the mission.

So there are two ways you might go about it using strategies outside the game.

The online retailer, acquired by Wal Mart just a year after it was launched in 2015, is one of the fastest growing and most successful retail launches ever, and has established itself at the forefront of innovation.

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If only we could remember what it was…” But game theory itself is not the Very Important Big Idea. Two players are at the table, playing against the house for money.“We are able to better attribute the true credit to each of our marketing initiatives using SAP Hybris Customer Attribution, resulting in more efficient marketing spend and greater scale,” says Micah Moreau,’s senior director of marketing.