Great expectations dating service oprah

17-Dec-2017 20:06

" to chat with me, if I REALLY, REALLY, REAAALLY WORK VERY VERY HARD to try to get her, wait.

you came here to RAISE your expectations, but here you are knocking yourself out over some fat women you clearly disdain? maybe they are turning you down because even they can intuit your latent hostility. I have to go with Motowncowgirl with the sentiment that you didn't really think this through.

But now that I have been around a while and heard stories about the male competition, I wouldn't hesitate to give POF a hard shot also.

And the stories about extreme lack of success by many males would be a great way to rationalize any failures I might have.

Maybe she is smart enough to know it would never work out for a long term relationship. I find that people are more perceptive about my own fears, hopes, etc than I give them credit for. I always thought that dating sites would be a great place to RAISE my expectations of dating.

So what's the story with you shooting "below your league"? The concept itself seems rock solid, we can take or leave the elements about a potential mate before even beginning to chat.

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Looking forward to hearing more of this 'saga'.....Well I think that the OP needs to go and find a woman where he found that last absolutely, AMAZING, youthful, living in the fast lane , geriatric..'breasts like ripe apples'......