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The headstock logo was design such that from a distance it looked just like a vintage Fender. For the Burnys, the LP models were given the name “Super Grade” instead of “Les Paul.” The wording were crafted to look just the words "Les Paul".

The saddles were stamped, instead of the word "Fender" the "F. If you are not familiar with the "Super Grade" series, you may mistaken the words as "Luper Grade" due to it's attempt to model the words "Les Paul".

The following number determines the model: 5 or EG for the EG models, then the sequential number for that particular model.

The year of manufacture is determined the same way for the Swamp Ash Special.

The Burny Super Grade Les Paul’s have been reported by many recording and gigging professionals as “the best” clone of the real classic 50’s and 60’s Les Paul’s.

They say the feel is identical and especially enjoy how Burny focused on making really fat necks on their Standards.

The brand Burny was birth later by Fernandes as the division that made Gibson replicas.

To date, both Fernandes and Burny are still making guitars just like their Tokai counterparts.

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This saga only surfaced a decade later in the mid 80's when Fender and Gibson felt that their empire was threatened.

Some go as far as claiming that these copies matches neck to neck with a vintage Les Paul - which cost around US,000.