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And, to be honest, a lot of them want sex, just like anybody else."When Rosemary Maness first said she wanted to marry, Powers advised her to wait a few months to think it over."But she just said, 'no,' and marched out mad as a snake," Powers said. A 68-year-old Columbia, Tenn., pastor faces rape charges stemming from allegations he had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old woman with intellectual disabilities.

The allegations came to light after the young woman told her mother about the relationship.

For some men, intellectual women have it all--great conversation skills, profound insights and sharp wit.

Offering more than just a pretty face, an intellectual woman can challenge, engage and understand you, and unlike her less intelligent counterparts, she's likely to intrigue you for years to come.

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Be patient and give them some room to ease into your new relationship!Intellectuals live for the pursuit of knowledge, so where does that leave romance?If you’re dating an Intellectual, wooing is going to take more brains than brawn.Asked about her marriage, Rosemary Maness patted her chest and said, "He's just ...

my heart."“Coy: “I just feel better being married to her.She’s my honey.” Rosemary: “I couldn’t love nobody else but him. my heart.””Yet the rights of people with intellectual disabilities to date, to choose an intimate partner and to marry remain controversial.