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Further use of Intimidation tactics could result in scaring off the bully all together and a violent confrontation might become unnecessary, which is the ideal situation. Such behavior would surely put doubt and the fear of your unpredictability in your opponent’s mind.

A yell, roar or snarl during combat can actually have a myriad of positive effects. Your opponent will be thinking, “What does this person know that I don’t know?

The visual deterrent is so strong that most people have no intention of having a physical confrontation with them.

If you don’t know what type of person this description refers to, look up Brock Lesner or Bill Goldberg on the internet, check their height and weight and ask yourself if these are men you would really enjoy fighting.

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Several of the tactics on this list are unusual and unpredictable.They expect you to emit a cry, a sob, a whimper, or perhaps even a submission. Some people say, “I believe in an eye for an eye.” A person utilizing pain amplification would say, “I believe in an eye for two eyes.” Your objective is to give more pain than you receive, to do more damage than you endure and to induce more doubt and fear than you experience. If you maintain your cool, they could be the ones losing their confidence and becoming less prepared, measured and decisive.If you yield none of these to your opponent, they will be left with the lesser reward. None of us are invulnerable, however, we can create the perception that we are invulnerable by not betraying a hint of fear, confusion, uncertainty or doubt. Physically, certainly you cannot pretend that a solid blow is doing no damage to you, but how you react to that damage leaves a tremendous impression, either positive or negative, on your opponent.As a last resort, protect with violence, intimidate with resolve and conquer with righteous rage.

When considering Intimidation tactics, most people would probably say the most intimidating thing about a person is their observable size and strength. As you peruse the list below, you may be surprised to find there are two factors even more intimidating than a massive muscle ripped juggernaut...

Tactics like barking, growling, snarling, head-butting, biting, hitting oneself and laughing or giggling during a physical altercation can all amplify doubt in an opponent.

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