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25-Jun-2017 11:24

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But you can probably say that Granny Smith apples are sourer, that gala apples are sweeter, and that red delicious apples taste like dust and regret.

Well, probably that they’re all fruits, that most of them have stems, and that they pretty much all have seeds. Aside from the obvious answer (they taste like apples), it’s difficult to really describe what each apple is like.

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It implies that almost everyone of that race has that characteristic or trait.

This is not to say that anyone in an interracial relationship is viewing their partner through a racist lens.

But an individual relationship is an entirely different thing from a generalized preference, because racial preferences aren’t about individual people. When someone says they prefer one racial group, it’s usually because of some trait that they believe the vast majority of the members of that group have in common.

Because racism has had a vocal, ardent, and even lauded voice for over a century.

It is only recently that a voice strong enough to oppose that has been able to exist.

Consider this: if your voice has to be shut down by an individual person, it is because society deemed your voice worthy of listening to in the first place.