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Spinal Tap, Tenacious D, Flight of the Conchords, even Neil Hamburger — all comedy-music acts that are about as legitimate and earnest as a Halloween costume.

Sure, these guys know how to play their instruments. They tour the country and draw thousands to their live shows.

I think a great starting point for any humor is humorlessness, otherwise your target doesn’t have it coming. You’ve talked before about Jimmie Driftwood being a sort of touchstone for you.

Everybody that I knew got a hold of a guitar in some way or another at age 14.

My friend David Lander (“Squiggy” to Mc Kean’s Lenny in “Laverne and Shirley”), who I’d gone to college with called me and said you’ve gotta come to L. I’m doing this radio show here called “The Credibility Gap,” so I made the trip. Chris and I were students at NYU — both guitar players — so we started writing songs together.

There were three ten-minute shows with sketches on the news every day, so I had to produce. A lot of people try to mix music and comedy but it doesn’t always work. I think the real starting point is to parodize something that has it coming it some way.

I think our fans are smart and they’re also very curious about us and the stories that we can tell as the creators of these songs and characters, which we couldn’t tell as the characters.

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Was that pretty immediate when you guys started working together or did it develop over time?Also, we had lately made some appearances as ourselves and we were able to hopscotch around all of what we do in our different films, so we wanted to be able to do that and have that freedom to bounce around and not be compartmentalized visually. They like us and don’t need all that other stuff to laugh. I think if everybody’s patient they’ll hear their favorites.