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He'll probably go away by himself :) annie96: omg now he's digging with his bare hands.. annie96: shit hes turning around mcdavey: What does he look like? how are you writing here wihtout touching your phone? :p mcdavey: studying :( annie96: so that's what they call porn now? :p mcdavey: I still can't believe what johnny did today!! It is another way of saying: The ball is in my court, but I fail to catch it (It has been explained to me, but I fail to understand it).Calefare Referring to bit actors and actresses, this unique local phrase is borrowed from Cantonese term of 咖喱啡, which is possibly derived from English word “carefree”, since these supporting roles in a film have few lines or little responsibilities.

It is viewed as a direct opposite of “jackpot”, or “winning all”.

mcdavey: yeah the team all got one with their name on annie96: i can see your fucking name!!! hard to type shaking too much mcdavey: fuck fuck hang in there annie the police will be there in 20 mins..