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08-Sep-2017 18:20

With the growth in popularity of triathlon since about 2000, and the addition of many more women to the sport in recent years, tri clothing has become more specialized and many more choices now exist.

While there is no hard and fast rule on what you have to wear in a triathlon, there are a few general themes that hold true for good triathlon clothing, and a few decisions you will want to make in order to be comfortable and perform well.

But I do wear a bikini top because there are many times where it is nice to pull your wetsuit half down when rigging, de-rigging or just hanging after a session on the beach.

– I don’t wear bottom underneath my wetsuit to avoid having my bikini going into my butt after big crashes and it is never easy to put your wetsuit on with a bikini bottom rolling and leaving marks. However regarding the top I prefer wearing a sports bra which give good support and better comfort!

Some long zipless wetsuits are so stretchy and they have a feeling that you are actually not wearing a wetsuit at all.

Plus if you wear a bikini under your wetsuit, you can see it.

On the downside, triathlon suits can be expensive, and you can easily do triathlons without them.

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and that is not comfortable at all and my bikini top was moving all the time! would you rather be completely free underneath your wetsuit and have pressure points and irritations or on the contrary do you prefer to keep everything in place with some extra support afforded by your swimsuit?

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