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My "perfect" woman would be a nature lover, somewhat a tomboy rather than a Barbie doll. Yes, it's pretty and nice to look at for a bit -- but then I want to go home. Yeah, I really love nature which is sort of odd because I really dont consider myself that much of an outdoors person. I love camping, hiking, sightseeing, and even belong to the Sierra Club. I can remember being at a stoplight a few years ago. I saw something moving across the street in the gutter.Someone who enjoys exploring, hiking, canoeing etc. So I parked the car and walked over to take a look. They told me that was wasn't a good idea to feed it anything and they would take care of it. there are many nice places near me to walk in parks, in the woods, by lakes, and along the river.Hiking up in the Delaware Water gap or High Point State Park Camping in October or November along the Delaware (think pup tent, cozy fire and lots of cuddling- something to do with an SO not just a date)I am the kind of guy where if we are hiking through the woods and come across a nice waterfall, I just have to get under it.If we are walking beside a small river or large stream and there is a big "sun rock" in the middle, I feel compelled to find a way to get out to it. I go hiking in the woods almost any weekend the weather cooperates.At one of the unmapped ponds I know we sat on a favourite log of mine and I was able to point many critters out in a nice embrace as the cool of dusk came on.She learned quite a bit about me there and we had such a wonderful time we drove up to Huckleberry Hot springs and spent the night in the back of my pickup right there at the inlet of Polecat Creek into the Snake River where I learned a lot about her.Not big on camping in a tent however, been there and done that.... :)That's probably a longshot (given just finding someone special is a longshot! I wouldn't ask a woman to do it on a first date though, unless she mentioned it first of course! It was a tiny bird that was injured and just trying in vain to fly. I found a cardboard box nearby and put the bird in it. I don't know if that meant they would nurse it back to health or put it to sleep. first dates think you are an deranged killer from a tv show if you ask them to meet anywhere but starbucks. I live close to two major bodies of saltwater, numerous rivers & a day's drive to the mountains. I even bought a house that backs up to a multi-square mile wilderness [email protected] amazing post and profile...........thank you for sharing your experience with us, almost felt like I was there as I read it. I saved a jellyfish the size of my SUV tire last year from a fate worse than death.(I couldn't bear some kid torturing him and poking him with a stick)..had beached himself and couldn't move... I'm originally from the mountains up North and am trying to 'adapt' to nature in the's just usually amphibious in nature here. The following day I took it to a wildlife rescue place near my apt. But it didn't look mortally wounded; it just looked like its wing was broken or damaged so I don't know what is 9/10? Hard to keep the deer out of my garden, but it's worth a few missing veggies to have that much wildlife roam thru your backyard.

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I saw a nice otter in the creek last Sunday on a solo walk! Whew, I'm getting high thinking about these treasures of life! Some of the photos on my profile are from this trip.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.One evening a wonderful woman and I dorve up to Colter Bay on Jackson Lake and hiked Hermitage Point in Grand Teton National Park.

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We didn't see the Otter I normally do there but we did see beaver, muskrat, deer, elk, moose, black bear, trumpeter swans, great blue herons, egrets, sandhill cranes, and all sorts of other birds.My gosh, have you ever noticed how many shades of green there are in a meadow? There once was this wild rabbit that had adopted me. I can't think of a greater feeling as the one I get with Nature! I had the misfortune of relocating from the Northeast (Jersey Horse Country) to Central Florida for 2.5 years, about 18 years ago. No Change of seasons, no fall colors, no "true" spring. There is nothing more exciting than an elephant coming into your camp at night, hearing a lion roar, or having a lioness sit next to your jeep close enough to where you could touch her on the head. There is also nothing more exciting than camping in a rain storm. This is awesome and I love hearing the enthusiasm that people find when they are with nature and all of these spots sound phenomenal.

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