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Tonight on Me-TV- it’s not the Price’s expense- but his defense- as Vincent Price portrays a man who uses invisibility to save himself from an unjust fate and clear (yeah, I said it) his name -as the “Invisible Man Returns”!

Much like “House of Frankenstein”- a prison plays into the story’s open- where Sir Geoffrey Radcliffe, an innocent victim of blind justice, sits on Death Row, about to be executed. Griffin has provided to Geoffrey that same famed formula which rendered his brother invisible- but has yet to find a way to keep the drug from causing anyone who uses it to slowly go insane.

Originally an affiliate of the Mutual Broadcasting System, WSGS joined ABC in 1967 in order to broadcast Paul Harvey's daily newscast. WSGS also uses programming from Clear Channel's Kentucky News Network. I don't think WKIC came on the air until after the war ended, because we always listened to stations in Louisville and Cincinnati to get war news.

Throughout its history, WSGS has been the home of several well-known and respected broadcasters such as Ernest Sparkman, Jay Lasslo, Quentin Combs, George (The Singing Miner) Davis, Glen Sims, Rod Williams, Bill Buckner, Jim Brown, Virgil Walton Napier, Pete Pickins' Wayne Combs, Randy Walters, Bob Mansfield, Jerry Yarbrough, Hugh Dunbar, Jerry Leighton, talk show host Charlie Wilson, John Mc Intyre, Faron Sparkman, Stuart Shane, Scott Napier, Bob Hale, Bruce Gee, Chas Gayheart, Michael Dwayne and Randy Lunquist. Those stations were clear at night but usually couldn't be heard in the daytime.

He’s been framed for the murder of his brother, and, just when all seems lost- Dr. Nonetheless, with its use being the only way to get Geoffrey out of jail, and free to try to find out who really DID kill his brother- the risk may indeed be worth it.

Frank Griffin- the brother of the original “Invisible Man”- and a friend of Sir Geoffrey- drops by for a “final” visit. Geoffrey’s lovely fiancée, Helen, meets up with him at his hideout – a rural cottage, where the now-transparent man plans his search for the real murderer…with clues hinting towards someone employed at the Radcliffe family’s mining company as the true killer.

WSGS first began broadcasting the the 1950s as WKIC-FM.

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In the 1960s, the "easy listening" format dominated most FM stations in the United States. I would love to see some of their pics on your site.Main Street and at Begley Drug, later Huff Drug on East Main Street.WSGS's strong signal can be heard throughout Eastern Kentucky and parts of Central Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio.Meanwhile, Geoffrey uses his transparency to try to discover the evil within his own family company – and Griffin races the clock to find the antidote to the invisibility drug before the madness totally consumes his friend.

As Geoffrey nears the truth, frightening changes occur in his mental state!This 1940 entry in the “Invisible Man” series put Vincent Price in his very first horror film, and he makes a fine Invisible Man- his voice, much like Claude Rains’, has a lot of power to carry his character, even when he’s not seen.

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