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The Brotherhood was controlled by Ronald Stark, whom an Italian High Court concluded had been a CIA agent since 1960.80 minute noise-meets-dubstep mix, featuring the likes of boris, c.c.c.c, caspa, dead violets, digital mystikz, aaron dilloway, distance, emalkay, the gerogerigegege, incapacitants, kudos, loefah, luke envoy, maldoror, masonna, merzbow, n-type, obeah, search and destroy, sick to the back teeth, skream, solmania, toasty, vex'd, john wall, wolf eyes, yellow swans. I can’t diss anybody that’s homosexual in any kind of way,” Ray explains. So I don’t want to ever get it twisted like I’m saying it aint cool to do sh*t and cross that path.However, there is no doubt that in the evening of Saturday, February 11, 2011, while the Black Diva was lying dead in a Beverly Hilton hotel room, there were predominately 800 white guests, Alicia Keys and other black entertainers, a floor below, chillingly, celebrating her death.

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One of Satan’s newest playgirls of the Occult, Alicia Keys with the was the headliner of the the Clive Davis affair.

As they were leaving, the satanic assassins used a towel dipped in Sharon Tate’s blood to write DEATH TO PIGS on the wall and PIG on the front door.