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" Before we could give it any serious thought, their own project manager interrupted, "That won’t work.

We tried it for ." "We spent several weeks building a UI that used pop-downs to construct sentences, and only had completely harmless words – the standard parts of grammar and safe nouns like cars, animals, and objects in the world." "We thought it was the perfect solution, until we set our first 14-year old boy down in front of it.

Disney was still very tentative about the genre, so the only ran it for about six months; I doubt it was ever very popular.

But the concept resurfaced at Disney a few years later [2002] in the form of Speed Chat in Toon Town.

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There could be no swearing, no sex, no innuendo, and nothing that would allow one child (or adult pretending to be a child) to upset another.

Specialize them for the activities available in the world.

Vaz Douglas, our project manager working with Zoog, liked to call this feature "Chatless Chat." So, we built and launched it for them.

No harassment, detectable or not, and no heavy moderation overhead.

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Brian had an idea though: Fully pre-constructed sentences – dozens of them, easy to access.

It’d end up being more like a world where you could see other players playing but you couldn’t really work with them much. Electric Communities moved on, renamed itself (which has nothing in common with the current company/site using that name and url.) and did some wonderful design work on a giant multimedia 3D kid’s world for Cartoon Network, which ended up being much too ambitious to fund, but I mention it because the project was headed by Brian Bowman.

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