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An English teacher by day and novelist by night, Rosie also writes women’s fiction as Rosemary Di Battista.She lives in central New Jersey with her husband and the youngest of her three sons.No one was sure how.” Nonna, who’d been scrubbing vigorously at the sink, dried her hands on a towel and tied an apron around her waist. ” she called over her shoulder.“Uh-huh.” I scribbled away in secret on the other side of the carrot bin. You have to start with the onions, as they take longer to cook; garlic burns if you’re not careful, so that gets added later.A perfectly sautéed onion and garlic mixture formed the basis of most of the Casa Lido’s celebrated sauces. ” I asked.“I will if you put that pen away and clean those carrots like you’re supposed to.”I sighed and took a vegetable scraper from the drawer.As my brother, Danny, once observed about our nonna: She don’t miss a trick. I watched her pour a generous helping of extra-virgin olive oil in the bottom of our biggest stock pot, heard the sizzle as the onions hit the hot oil. “Your grandpa Francesco’s mother was married very young and had Roberto right away.But then for many years she had trouble having babies,” Nonna explained. All he knew was that Roberto got involved with the wrong people and died back in Italy. Petrocelli said that he ‘knows things’ that I could use in my books. “He’s an old man and old men like to talk and make themselves important. But that was many years ago.” She shook her wooden spoon at me.

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The first book in the series, Murder and Marinara, was a Suspense Magazine Best Pick of 2013 and was a finalist for the 2014 Daphne Award.

Curious, Vic asks Nonna to elaborate on Pete’s claim and learns of a relative who mysteriously disappeared back in Italy…The night of the party brings a crowd—and a full throttle hurricane.