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27-Oct-2017 15:21

Ranks fourth on the all-time SWC scoring list and second in rebounding with 1,057...

Four-time All-SWC selection...1973 SWC Newcomer of the Year... PF TP Avg 1972-73 27 150 271 .554 73 121 .603 202 7.5 74 373 13.8 1973-74 26 229 390 .587 99 154 .643 279 10.7 76 557 21.4 1974-75 23 198 342 .579 84 129 .651 254 11.0 64 480 20.9 1975-76 31 265 486 .545 178 247 .721 322 10.4 108 708 22.8 Totals 107 842 1,489 .565 434 651 .667 1,057 9.9 366 2,118 19.8 2.

I understand that each employee can’t operate independently and we can’t have a separate benefit package for each person, but generational accommodations are acceptable considerations. In many settings that was the norm; now it seems outrageous.

We take into consideration other aspects of culture such as race, gender, and religion. Thinking back to some of those accommodations, a yoga room in the workplace doesn’t seem too bad. Bottomline with any cultural shift we have to change our mindset in order to adapt and move forward in productive ways that pull together the best of who we are individually and transforms our organizations into thriving and cutting edge industry leaders.

Now, 6 minutes in the microwave, I get a perfect pot pie. The microwave approach works well with many things, but for quality baking, not so much.

Do your research before shouting down the why questions. Physical barriers in the work place create emotional barriers and can hinder workplace productivity. Is the boss hidden away behind a big oak door and oak desk? We grew up working independently, making things happen as both of our parents joined the work force.

You might just get yourself a better solution than blindly honoring the status quo. Boomers grew up in a time when things were more regimented.

You followed the system and did what you were told. Younger generations grew up in a curated and collaborative environment.

Meanwhile, we had to learn how to use the payphone, the 45lb cell phone, and the i Phone in our almost ½ century of existing on this earth.

You still want the 45lb brick cell phone you had to carry in a suitcase or do you love your i Phone.