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Always be on your guard when buying a "car perfume", try it first if you can and don't trust reviews. Up come the middle notes of cyclamen, nutmeg, carnation, gardenia, cinnamon, jasmine, caraway, sage, rose, geranium and fir. for me if you ask me : Do you buy it again ؟؟ i will answer i don't know or maybe !With its much cheaper price, Jaguar For Men totally wins it in terms of value. Smells both expensive and accessible, which is rare. Overall I think it's a great set and I will definitely be wearing the fragrance quite often. I got Jaguar for men about four or five years ago and I never truly like it. Remembering Jazz and smelling Jaguar for men is like time travel, they are not similar but they share some qualities, and perfumes are in a way indicators of time.A must have for those craving for the scents from the 70s and the 80s. The tobacco is perfectly balanced with a smart use of fern and leather in the base. I won't take the pen to college though, because it's too nice. Another slight downside (well..like me just being immature) is that the cap looks a bit like a bellend. This review is for the newer version with the silver cap. Greens, woods, strong and uncompromising without being too in your face - a real 'Dad' fragrance - in a good sense. Searching on Fragrantica I found out that this perfume is from 1988. 1988 was the year that (during a vacation on a ship) my mother told me to choose one perfume. Jaguar may smell a little outdated, masculine but not in a modern way, wood, pine, resin and a little spicy This is my grandfather's scent of choice which comes from his career as a car dealer and his love of lions and other large cats.With traces of the trip trailing behind you the wonderful tobacco and leather are now the majors of the landscape of this scent. Just one little warning though, you will get noticed and unless you are my niece, that is a good thing.They find support in Moss, sandalwood, cedar, amber and musk that just bring a balmy glow to the fragrance. And the best part of this wonderful fragrance is that is won’t cost you very much. I have the reissued version of this, which has a silver metal cap.The first sniff was a sobering reminder that this is a car fragrance and the general consensus is weighted far more to "like" (read: tolerate) than love. It's green and old school, I guess, but more bright than I was expecting. Like Krizia Uomo, it's woody and green, and the green is very sharp and hits your nose in the same way as menthol. With Jaguar for Men, it smells like celery or cilantro, and I don't like it. The silver plastic cap is a cheap piece of crap and the bottle is ugly. Definately one of the best bottles of cologne you can buy in its price range.( If not the best) 10 to 15$ This is definately my signature scent! It is a clean, crisp soapy/green fragrance that has good staying power. my son tried it and said its an older mans scent and i agree,i cant see younger guys liking the mossy fern overall with a touch of citrus type impression of this fragrance. This is not a boy's cologne, this is only for a very manly man. It was like dancing in a chili bowl inside an oven.

The dry down is slightly soapy with lingering hints of tobacco, leather, spice and green woods. The thing is, those classics can be too harsh and offensive for the delicate society that dwells amongst us these days. It's laughable how Green Irish Tweed can get so much hype with its subpar scent and performance, yet Jaguar remains a hidden gem at a fraction of the cost. Grade: A اشتريت اليوم الزجاجة الفنتجية من هذا العطر .. Yet it has some sort of vanilla and sandalwood so it is also sweet and i used day time (office) as well as when doing outdoor training as it blend perfectly with my skin chemistry - and gives me sweet but manly ambience of mine.. I used seven sprays..wrist, behind my ears, back & front of my neck and chest. I definitely get the Tsar vibe for about 30-45min then I think it gets closer to Halston 1-12. Scent: 8/10 polite yet manly, not sweet yet floral and fresh at the same time. it will smell good a hundred years from now .as how it smelled good decades ago.the emetimy of masculinity.. One of the feel good perfumes that seem to elevate my mood during the day- wonder if anyone else feels the same. My father, who is 65 years old, likes this stuff so maybe this would make a great gift for an older gentleman. Bless her, she got the gift set which comes with a pen.

This is still my favorite scent and Ive been through over 100 fragrances. opening smells like a child barfing orange juice inside of a brand new extended cab nissan vinyl car seat smell is spot on but eventually dissipates to a sweeter edible to use about 100 sprays and wait a all not a bad cologne after the dust settles and leather does appear.green just green. This is definitely a mature scent with a strong orange top note, a lot of complex spices and aromatics at the heart and a mixture of sandalwood and leather at its base with good longevity and projection.

It's definitely an in your face kinda thing on the first spray... and the it morphs into a "well educated" fragrance. I love the deco design of the original bottle and wooden cap is a distinct feature.

Coming at you so fast like a spring wind in the face with the top down at 65 mile per hour.

At cruising speed you enter the deep and solid dry down.The opening is a little strange, borderline unpleasant but makes for something more interesting than Quorum, RL Polo or Krizia Uomo. The final drydown turns woody and a lovely soapy scent. Word association, Jaguar, what do I think of when I hear that word?

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