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For our interview, Kuhn takes me up the stairs (where the walls are plastered with book pages and, on the landing, a construction paper silhouette of a Lizzy Bennett type with a curly updo sits with a book in her lap).According to Kuhn, the small used book room, where we sit in generous armchairs, is where teenagers sometimes come to make out, staying up there for a long time only to leave quietly without buying anything.From the covers of their candy-colored books, Evie and Aveda send a clear message: You are not the only one.

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People often see romance as “silly or frivolous,” says Kuhn, “and I don’t think it’s really a secret why.

Then, Tina Fey's impersonation, a raft of criticism, and missing her family send Palin into a near-catatonic state: she doesn't prepare for her Katie Couric interview and bombs.