Who is vic zhou dating now

01-Nov-2017 14:36

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Wherever he work, if it’s close by we would meet each other.

All I know is he told me I’m not a talkative person.

I try to have him come out and speak about it but he did not. You even demand attention from the Taiwanese media?

I didn’t want to in the beginning but I just want an explanation. They came to talk to me and they release the news that same day, January 1st.

On their first meet, Vic was the one initiated her to go see him.

Once this story was reveals, many netizens have been criticizing. I travel back and forth because I have relatives that live there.

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The Goody Feed Team comprises either several in-house writers or an individual in-house writer who prefers to stay anonymous.was widely popular in Southeast Asia more than ten years ago, girls (who should now be women) went absolutely gaga over仔仔Vic Chou, who played the cold, quiet and mysterious Hua Ze Lei.Some girls even cursed the protagonist Daoming Si for breaking up the relationship between Hua Ze Lei and Shan Cai, the female protagonist in the show. Then later he would come touch my arm to sit next to him then he forced me. So you did not think about anything being alone with a man?

At first I was indifferent trying not to have anything with him.

Yesterday afternoon, a Thai woman came out to say that she’s been raped by Vic Chou, Taiwanese singer-actor who rose to fame back in 2001 as a member of boyband F4 and the popular television series Meteor Garden.

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